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Tell Democrats to Publicly Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee!

Publicly supporting a Federal Jobs Guarantee can help Democrats win in 2024 by uniting white, black, Latino, and Asian working-class and low-income voters.


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Polls show strong support for a Federal Jobs Guarantee across political party voters: 89% of Democrats, 74% of Republicans, and 72% of independents. Even in red states like Florida, Texas, and Ohio, 70% of voters support a federal job guarantee.


A Federal Jobs Guarantee would create living-wage jobs with benefits for people unable to find full-time work in the private sector. Under this policy, the government would create jobs by investing in health care, education, infrastructure, climate change solutions, and other socially useful goods and services.


By reducing the fear of unemployment, a Federal Jobs Guarantee will also increase the bargaining power of all working people from the bottom up to gain higher wages and better working conditions at a time when workers and unions are standing up across the country.

Publicly supporting a Federal Jobs Guarantee can send a loud and clear message that Democrats are on the side of working-class and low-income voters of all races.

Sign this petition to urge Democrats running in 2024 to publicly support a Federal Jobs Guarantee!


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