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Full Employment Now – Political Action Committee (FEN-PAC) is an independent expenditure political organization (super PAC) that advocates for a Federal Jobs Guarantee to create living-wage jobs for all. 

Our mission is to educate and mobilize voters around a Federal Jobs Guarantee, elect political candidates who support this policy, and hold them accountable after they are elected.

Even in today’s economy with a near-record low unemployment rate of 3.7%, millions of Americans are still struggling to afford the basic necessities of life, and nearly half of American families are either poor or low-wealth. 


A Federal Jobs Guarantee is a government program that would provide a job for any adult who is unable to find full-time employment. All jobs created under this program will pay a living wage plus health care coverage, paid family, and sick leave. The government would create jobs by investing in health care, education, infrastructure, climate change solutions, and other socially useful goods and services. 

A Federal Jobs Guarantee would also increase the bargaining power of all working people to gain higher wages, better benefits, and improved working conditions from the bottom up.  

FEN-PAC is a small-dollar donor-funded super PAC. Unlike traditional super PACs, we rely on small-dollar donations (less than $200) instead of wealthy donors and institutions.


As a super PAC, we do not give money directly to candidates or political parties. All funds are directed toward voter education, mobilization, and advocacy around Federal Jobs Guarantee.

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