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Full Employment Now – Political Action Committee (FEN-PAC) — is an independent expenditure political organization (super PAC)  that advocates for living-wage jobs for all through federal job programs and public investment in the economy. 

Federal job programs are policies that invest government funds into public programs, health care, infrastructure, non-profit organizations, climate change solutions, and other sectors of society to create living-wage jobs in communities where livable jobs are not available.


In addition to a living wage, jobs created under these programs should provide health insurance, paid sick, and paid family leave. Federal job programs would also increase bargaining power and wages for all workers from the bottom up.

Our mission is to educate and mobilize voters around job creation policies, elect politicians who support these policies, and hold politicians accountable after they are elected.

FEN-PAC is a small-dollar donor-funded super PAC. Unlike traditional super PACs, we rely on small-dollar donations (less than $200) instead of wealthy donors and institutions.


As a super PAC, we do not give money directly to candidates or political parties. All funds are directed toward voter education and mobilization, and advocacy around federal job creation policies.

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