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Join our Facebook Group titled 'Help Democrats WIN with a Federal Jobs Program.' Our Facebook Group is an online community of volunteers who are working to elect Democrats and defeat Donald Trump by turning out voters for a Federal Jobs Program.

With 50 million Americans out of work, unemployed voters will be a powerful voting bloc in the 2020 Elections. A Federal Jobs Program could be the deciding factor in who they vote for. Click here to learn more about our 2020 election strategy.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we engage and mobilize voters for the foreseeable future. Before coronavirus, knocking on doors and having face-to-face conversations was the most effective method to turn out voters and win elections. Now, we must rely more heavily on social media and online communities such as our Facebook Group: 'Help Democrats WIN with a Federal Jobs Program' to get out the vote and win elections.


In our Facebook Group, we will provide you with the digital tools and instructions so you can start turning out voters for a Federal Jobs Program and help Democrats WIN in and defeat Donald Trump. 

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