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Not passing the Build Back Better Act or making even more drastic cuts to the bill would give Republicans control of Congress on a silver platter in 2022 and pave the way for another Trump Presidency in 2024.

The Problem: Corporate Money in Politics Threatens the Build Back Better Act

Wealthy corporate interests and corporate-backed Democrats in the Senate are delaying a vote on the Build Back Better Act by demanding even more cuts to the bill if not trying to defeat this bill altogether

If corporate interests have their by either not passing the Build Back Better Act or cutting the bill to the point that working-class and low-income voters do not feel any meaningful relief in their lives. Then the door will be wide open for Republicans to easily retake control of Congress in 2022; paving the way for another Trump presidency in 2024.

The Solution: Small-Dollar Donors Must Flex a 'War Chest'

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Politicians and [special] interest groups consistently raise large sums of money to influence policy and scare-off potential political challengers. This is referred to as ‘flexing a war chest.’ Flexing a war chest sends a loud and clear message that small-dollar donors have the power to un-elect members of Congress who don’t support the full Build Back Better Act!  [Need a more practical emphasis on influence....sounds too symbolic]

In 2020, small-dollar donors raised a record-breaking $4 billion in federal elections; surpassing spending by corporate lobbyists by $1 billion.  Small-dollar donors have already proven we can raise billions of dollars to win elections. Now we must use that power to beat corporate interests and pass the Build Back Better Act.  

Small-dollar donors, who donate less than $200, represents the power and unity of everyday working people. That power must be used to not only to win elections but to influence Congress to pass policies like the Build Back Better Act that will have a meaningful impact in the lives of low-income and working people. 

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Small-dollar donors raised over $4 BILLION in 2020 to help Democrats win the presidency and control of Congress. Donate now to remind Congress that small-dollar donors have the power to re-elect members of Congress who support the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act and un-elect those who don't!

FEN-PAC will inform members of Congress on the total amount raised by small-dollar donors who support the Build Back Better Act!

Funds will be used for get out the vote (GOTV) efforts that include grassroots organizing and digital activism for the 2022 elections. 

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After you donate, you will be automatically redirected to our 'Action Network' page where you can email your members of Congress to tell them that small donors are flexing 'war chest' to pass the Build Back Better Act!

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Click here for more information on the Build Back Better Act!

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