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a federal jobs program can help democrats win in 2020 

FEN-PAC is a small-dollar donor funded Super PAC. We rely on small donations of $10, $20, or $50 instead of wealthy donors and interests. Thank you for your support!


Over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Federal Jobs Program could be the deciding factor in who they vote for.

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!

Why we urgently need a federal jobs program!

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devasting impact on the health and lives of Americans across the country. This virus has not only disrupted our regular way of life but has also ravaged the financial wellbeing of tens of millions of Americans. Over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since the start of the coronavirus pandemic [1]

Even before coronavirus, our economy was far from perfect. Prior to this viral pandemic, 44% of all U.S. workers were employed in low-wage jobs that paid less than $15 per hour while unemployment rates and low-wage jobs remained disproportionally higher among people of color [2]

A Federal Jobs Progam would not only address our current employment crisis but also create a better economy that improves the quality of life for White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native Americans, unemployed, and low-income workers.

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!

what will a federal jobs program do?

A Federal Jobs Program is a federal policy that would invest government funds into public programs, health care, infrastructure, non-profit organizations, and climate change solutions to create living-wage jobs in communities where livable jobs are not available.


In addition to a living wage, jobs created under this program will also provide health insurance, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. A Federal Jobs Program would also increase bargaining power and boost wages for all workers from the bottom-up.

A Federal Jobs Program would be funded by the federal government but administered locally by states, local governments, and Native American tribes. Community input will also be required to help identify local public needs, determine parts of the local economy that are in need of employees, and make recommendations for new job opportunities and projects in their areas. 


Click here to learn more about a Federal Jobs Program

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!

Why we must elect democrats in 2020

It is 99.9% guaranteed that a Federal Jobs Program will NEVER pass under President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled U.S. Senate. Historically, Republicans have strongly opposed a Federal Jobs Program while Democrats have largely supported it.  


Throughout generations, numerous Democratic lawmakers and candidates have supported a Federal Jobs Program. Most famously was Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt's’ New Deal which enacted a jobs program that played a major role in ending the Great Depression. 

Recently, the Biden-Sanders Unity Taskforce publicly released its policy recommendations in support of a Federal Jobs Program [3]. To pass a Federal Jobs Program we need to elect a Democratic President, Senate, and House. However...

Passing a Federal Jobs Program into law will take MORE than just electing Democrats. We must influence Democrats to publicly support a Federal Jobs Program and hold them accountable after they are elected.

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!


A Federal Jobs Program can help Democrats win  key battleground states

79% of voters support a federal jobs program


Recent polling shows that 79% of U.S. voters (which includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) support a Federal Jobs Program [4], with high support in key battleground states. [5]

voter Support in key battleground states*

  • Alabama (Senate): 70%

  • Arizona (Presidential, Senate):  69% 

  • Colorado (Presidential, Senate): 68%

  • Florida (Presidential): 70%

  • Georgia (Presidential, Senate): 71%

  • Iowa (Presidential, Senate): 67%

  • Maine (Presidential, Senate): 67%

  • Michigan (Presidential):  69% 

  • North Carolina(Presidential, Senate): 71%

  • Ohio (Presidential): 68%

  • Pennsylvania (Presidential): 68%

  • Texas (Presidential, Senate): 70%​​

  • Wisconsin (Presidential): 68%

*Polling in battleground states conducted in 2018 prior to the economic recession caused by Coronavirus.Source: Data For Progress: Jobs Guarantee Poll 2018 [5]

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!

turnout unemployed voters to elect DEMOCRATS who support a federal jobs pROGRAM

50 million Americans are out of work due to coronavirus. Unemployed Americans will represent a large block of voters that can heavily influence the outcome of the 2020 elections. A Federal Jobs Program and their urgent need for employment could be the deciding factor in who they vote for.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency by just 80,000 votes in three states (Michigan, Pennsylvanian, Wisconsin) [6]. Turning out 50 million unemployed voters around a Federal Jobs Program could overwhelming sway the outcome of the presidential election along with key Senate races -- helping Democrats win the Presidency, the Senate, and retain control of the House.

The Political Power of Unemployed Voters













Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!

Take action now! 

Step 1: Sign the 'vote for jobs' Pledge

The 'Vote For Jobs' Pledge is an online voting pledge to educate voters about a Federal Jobs Program and ask them to commit to voting for Democratic candidates.

The 'Vote For Jobs' Pledge will also be used to track the progress of our voter engagement efforts, particularly in the key battleground states. Studies have shown that signing a pledge to vote combined with reoccurring reminders of their commitment can increase voter turnout and participation, especially among new and infrequent voters.


Sign the 'Vote For Jobs' Pledge to build a mass coalition of voters that can elect Democrats who support a Federal Jobs Program and defeat Donald Trump! 


Click here to sign the 'Vote For Jobs' Pledge!

step 2: Donate

It’s no secret that money plays a huge role in winning elections. That’s why politicians are often influenced by the interests of wealthy donors over the needs of working people and low-income voters.  


The vast of majority voters cannot afford to give $10,000 to a political campaign. But in recent elections, small-dollar donors (who give $200 or less) have become increasingly powerful. Not only as a way to win elections but as a powerful avenue to influence politicians to support policies and to hold them accountable after they are elected.


Small-dollar donations have made up 80% of all individual contribution to 2020 presidential candidates -- giving a total of $924 million. 


Source: Federal Elections Commission - 2020 Presidential Contribution

Your $25 donation will build a working-class coalition of white, black, Latino, Asian, Native American, unemployed and low-income voters in support of a Federal Jobs Program.  

With $25 your donation, we will utilize social media and digital technology to educate and mobilize voters around a Federal Jobs Program. This includes reaching voters on social media through peer-to-peer outreach, recruiting micro-influencers, and producing informative and engaging digital ads. Peer-to-peer text messaging, phone banking, and email broadcasts will also be a major part of our 2020 strategy. 




Full Employment Now-Political Action Committee (FEN-PAC) is a small-dollar donor funded super PAC. Unlike traditional super PACs, we rely on small-dollar donations instead of wealthy donors and institutions. As a super PAC, we do NOT give money directly to candidates or political parties. 100% of our funds go towards voter education, activism, and turnout for a Federal Jobs Program.

Want to help Democrats WIN and create jobs? Donate $25 now to turnout voters for a Federal Jobs Program!


Join our Facebook Group titled 'Help Democrats WIN with a Federal Jobs Program.' Our Facebook Group is an online community of volunteers who are working to elect Democrats and defeat Donald Trump by turning out voters for a Federal Jobs Program.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we engage and mobilize voters for the foreseeable future. Before coronavirus, knocking on doors and having face-to-face conversations was the most effective method to turn out voters and win elections. Now, we must rely more heavily on social media and online communities such as our Facebook Group: 'Help Democrats WIN with a Federal Jobs Program' to get out the vote and win elections.


In our Facebook Group, we will provide you with the digital tools and instructions so you can start turning out voters for a Federal Jobs Program to help Democrats WIN and defeat Donald Trump!

Click here to join 'Help Democrat WIN with a Federal Jobs Program'


Every single day, millions of people share information and content throughout social media that influence our ideas and inspire us to take action. You don’t have to be a big-name celebrity or influencer with a million followers to educate or inspire others to take action. Actually, the exact opposite is true. We are most influenced by content shared by people we know if real life such as friends, family, and coworkers.  


50 million unemployed Americans desperately need a Federal Jobs Program. By sharing this page on social media you can help build a political army of voters who can elect Democrats that support a Federal Jobs Program, hold them accountable after they are elected, and ultimately pass a Federal Job Program into law.

Whether you have 5 social media followers or 500,000, you have the power to inspire others to take action for a Federal Jobs Program



While it is crucial that we elect Democrats in 2020, our ultimate goal is to win a Federal Jobs Program to bring economic relief to tens of millions of Americans. Politicians make a lot of promises on the campaign trail. So it’s our responsibility as voters to influence politicians to follow through on their commitments to support a Federal Jobs Programs after the elections over.


Every decision a politician makes is influenced by the possibility of winning or losing their next election. This means politicians must feel the constant pressure of winning or losing their next election based on their actions to pass for a Federal Job Program into law.

Your $25 donation will engage and mobilize voters year-round so we can keep constant pressure on politicians to pass Federal Jobs Program into law. 

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